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How we're different

Our strategies and solutions are built upon our specialized KV Stack: the what, how, who, and why of your business. At its core, the KV Stack stems from both people and process.


Our Process tools improve business values by identifying, discussing, and solving your business’ what and how: What your challenges are and How we can help solve them.


Our People tools boost your business’ productivity and efficiency by focusing on the who and why: Who we are and Why we can help.

The KV Stack


We start our focus on the what: helping you identify current and future pain points. Generally, these challenges can be organized into succession and growth.


The how has two distinct solution paths: During transaction: Here, we actively listen to learn about you, your business, and your challenges. We work with you to develop a clear and simple solution that solves your challenges. Post transaction: Here, we build value using our unique skills and experience.


The who is us: a team with extensive experience with start-ups and private and public companies across industries and sectors. Not only do we appreciate your operations, but we also have the breadth and depth to partner with you for success.


KV Private Equity is a trusted partner that consistently executes strategies – whether monetary help or a partnership – that provide you with peace of mind.

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