Trust and Confidentiality

KV Private Equity is a midsize private equity firm committed to growing local and regional companies into impactful organizations with an international reach. Leveraging our instincts founded on smarts and grounded in experience, we’ve got the right blend of intelligence and creativity to grow our businesses.

We invest to own a controlling interest in an organization. We are looking to build the best managed and cash flowing enterprises, and turning them into well-recognized names.

KV Private Equity looks for small to medium to size businesses with established operations and sustainable and consistent cash flow greater than $1 million in EBITDA. To view more qualifications, please visit our criteria page.

Our Approach 

KV Private Equity works together with our portfolio companies to support growth initiatives, while nurturing the local teams, expanding into new markets, and accelerating the launch of new product offerings.

We will continue to invest in the organization, continuously looking for opportunities to strengthen through additional investment and strategic acquisitions to complement the existing portfolio companies.

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